Thursday, January 27, 2005

Dominoes...So Hot...And I Ain't Talking Pizza

Cool song of the moment: Summertime - The Roots featuring Bobby Womack. All I can say is ooh baby!

I am working on some kewel funky domino jewelry. A tutorial with pics (pics maybe-lol) should be up next week. So far I have completed pins with the images of Ms. Eartha Kitt, as Catwoman from the, Batman television show, Josephine Baker and Bob Marley. Oh and there are the *bling, bling* ones I created last year...

Tomorrow's topic: The Persistance of Crochet Madness or Usually I Don't Mind Big Things in Tight Holes

Today's meme is from Theater Thursday:

We love them, but we'd never admit to watching them.

Oh sure, Chicago won Best Picture a couple of years ago, and everyone loves The Sound of Music, but musicals have occupied a more significant place in our motion picture landscape than most people will be willing to admit.

This week's questions are about the great Movie Musicals. Put on your tap shoes, grab your umbrella, and.....well, what are you waiting for - a cue?

1) What is your favorite Movie Musical of all time? What's the worst you've ever seen?

Hands down it has to be The Wiz, staring the Diva Miss Ross. I swear I haven't seen this movie since I was like 5, 6, or 7ish. I knew every single song by heart. Heck I remember seeing Stephanie Mill in the play!

Worst? Right now I would have to say Chicago. I saw it once, and it just didn't do it for me.

2) Which Musical is your guilty pleasure? (i.e. which musical would you never admit to anyone - except 5.2 million internet users - that you know all the words to?)

Grease. Its the word, its got movement and feelin... Grease its the time is the place, its the motion, Grease is the way we are feelin'....

C'mon the soundtrack contribution the Bee Gees or at least a Gibb brother or two. The frigging' Bee Gees--oh man!

I accepted an ex-boyfriend back on one condition, he had to sit through Grease. And he is a film major. I told him how it was the perfect musical and it would show him how to properly adapt theater to film. :->

I know the dance steps to Grease Lightening.

Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Welcome Back Kotter......John Travolta!

Ahem, Sorry about that....I'm back to Earth.....

Moulin Rouge...I secretly do Le Tango de Roxanne by myself in my living room at least once a week.


3) Which actor/actress do you feel made the biggest contribution to Movie Musicals? Which is your favorite?

Lena Horne - Stormy Weather, The Wiz. Lucille Ball - Mame. Everything Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire have been in.

BONUS) Have you ever, in your wildest moments, come into a situation so perfect that it would almost be perfectly normal just to break into song? What would you do if you saw someone else belting out a heartbreaking ballad or a group of young toughs dancing in the street?

YES. It is called a perfect moment folks. Enough said.

Leave the link to your site in the comments, and remember:

"We are the maker of music, and we are the dreamers of dreams"


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